Tailoring Wing Chun for Bad Knees

Ferrell is a 60 year old lady that has been studying The Calasanz System, and has become interested in studying Wing Chun. She has had knee problems for sometime, and they were bothering her even more in a particular Wing Chun class she was taking.
This morning, I took her aside and said “now I am going to teach you the system of Wing Chun which is traditional but with the taste of my own unique and personal approach, one that is less wear and tear on you knees.”
I told her, “first you must be able to use the entire body as a whole when you are either sliding or pivoting to perform a block or an attack.” Ferrel would start a pivot or slide with her lower body using her legs and hips while pivioting on the balls of the feet and leaning forward. I said, “Ferrel this is not working for you, you continue forcing your knees to pivot your body or to slide your body side to side, you have now done this for 20 minutes, its no wonder you have problems with your knees! This is what I want to avoid. So now stand straight up and down like there is a line running through your head and spine down to the floor. Bring the hands up, the arms will be placed side to side, open palm, make sure that they are above your head, take a deep breath and swing to one side on your heels. As the hand swings the legs are going to follow.” I showed her how to exactly move her body so that everything was in line and moved at the same time while pivoting on her heels, saving her knees. In class she was moving wrong without correction, the same wrong movements over and over, making her knees worse.

I told Ferrel that it would take 3 years to get what what I showed her in 3 private sessions if she continued with the traditional class. Or even worse, she would have given up on Wing Chun because her knees couldn’t take it.

Tailoring a technique to your own needs, that is the skill and science behind my teaching, I can bring students to higher levels of skill using their own body through private training.

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