Being Born With Natural Power

There are many stories from my childhood that are an example of the gift of natural power that I possessed from an early age. Once in the Dominican Republic when I was around 9 years old I noticed a tall, fit 22 year old insulting a lady. It’s a good thing that there was other people around because in seconds I trapped this guys head in a wired fence and was choking him.

I remember being stronger than anybody since I was a kid. I was very loved and famous since I was 2 years old because I would dance, sing, and work harder than anybody else on the farm. By the age of 7 I was milking 20 cows! I had a kind of energy that my parents could never control.

Once a young man named Alvarado was insulting my cousin Jose, Jose was not fighting back, so I jumped to his defense. Alvarado was older and twice my size, everybody around should have been defending me but did not have to interfere because I was kicking this guy so hard that all he could do was try to survive, this fight became very popular among my neighbors. I was like a mule when I kicked you can see why later on in my life I turned out to be a Karate instructor.

At age 7 I taught my 5 year old brother how to counter attack. He got into a fight and at one point punched the kid so hard that he was down for almost 3 minutes. These were bad kids and we were the well behaved and educated kids that just did not take abuse from other bad kids.
Once while playing softball, in the middle of a game there was this police officer named Brian, he was like a football player, I was like 120 pounds. We both went to catch a ball on the field, just second before Brian crashed with me, he screamed like a woman. When asked why he screamed he said, “look with whom I was going to crash into!” This big guy almost cried before crashing with me, I was 16 years old and just 120 pounds.

These facts tell you the story of Calasanz being born with a natural power!

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