The Early Days: How My Name Got It’s Popularity

I spend a lot of time teaching beginning fighters to protect the head. I had a very devoted student named Daryl. We worked on three basics from my system when he came to my school; head movement, side kick and single blow punch. We often had to deal with challengers coming to the school. One day, this guy showed up claiming to be the best street fighter in town and picked a fight with Daryl. Daryl delivered the system side kick to his stomach and stopped him cold. The guy picked himself up and bought a membership.

In the early 80’s, Daryl fought a guy in New York City they call the “Warrior.” This guy was a traditional martial artist and a great fighter. Daryl kicked him in the hip with the side kick I teach in my system and sent him flying. The guy was now furious and came at Daryl with a deadly spinning hook kick. Daryl got hit but the head movement I spent time drilling over and over again saved him a trip to the hospital.

Daryl brought many of the students to the school that later on became competitors for the system. You can see a lot of them helping me out on my YOUTUBE Super Break video.

The CALASANZ name has become popular because of what we did in the early 80’s. I trained many street fighters and turned them into good martial artists. Back then, point fighting was a lot tougher than it is today and my students were able to prove themselves. It was the height of teams like Budweiser and John Paul Mitchell, back when they picked some of the best martial artists in the world for their teams. The word got around about my fighters and my system. It was the groundwork we laid back then that created the reputation we enjoy today. We also placed the logo on jackets and bumper stickers that we bought for the fight team and students that were great advertising for the school.

Additionally, this school is also very popular among local, state and federal law enforcement officers, fire fighters and military personnel. These professionals recommend us constantly because they are happy with the quality of training they’ve received here. They are also impressed with the work we do with young people, helping keep them off the streets. This is the best advertising I could ask for.

The name carries so much goodwill and ability to attract customers that we have invested a lot of money in trade marking and copyrighting the unique aspects of our system. This school has even retained several attorneys whose only job it is to protect the system. That’s how valuable my name has become.

To train my system remotely:

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