Street Fighting Concept Part 2 – One Exampe of Birth of Counter Attack

The wild little calves are faster than the speed of sound! Nobody could fence them except when Calasanz was on the job. So many times someone would call Calasanz for help. It was a simple job for him. “I would stand about 50 feet away. Motionless. The little calf would look around. Before she turned, I would already have moved 3 steps in. At around 20 feet, the calf would look around again. Before the calf had time to react, I was in like a cat. I have her tail. She is subdued and fenced. On the next day, the mother is milked.” Calasanz was doing martial arts on the farm! Remember anything you do is considered Kung Fu, so Calasanz was practicing Kung Fu since he was 3 years old…and that was when he began working on the farm.

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