Street Fighting Concept Part 3 – Casting Fighters, The Street Fighter

I knew that I had a gift for the martial arts but I was still too young to understand. I could recognize talent in others. When I got to this country my first idea was that my techniques worked. How could I create a name? I reasoned that I simply needed to train a group of students to fight like me. I also knew since day one that I was not a competitor. I knew that anyone could have all the technique in the world and still not be able to fight. So I went after street fighters. During the early 1980s, Norwalk, Connecticut was the perfect place to find the toughest street fighters. The first to start was Daryl. I taught him what we still call today ‘the system kick.’ This is a side kick delivered at short range. The power in it makes it very difficult to block. Every time a street fighter came to the dojo, he would spar Daryl for one minute. Immediately the word was out. “Sign me up!” Daryl had a kick at close range that sounded like a car crashing on someone’s body.

Martial Arts Training Videos

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