Results Matter! Not looks!

Below is a comment left by a respectful YouTuber on one of my videos along with my response.

You Tuber:

“Everyones missing the point…It doesn’t matter if his bio is ridiculous, it doesn’t matter what art he practice, and it doesn’t matter how he looks….what matters are the results…..If you see that this man has become unique in his physical and mental abilities, then obviously he did something very creative that helped. him develop a way of living.”

My Response:

“Thank you for your comments.  Calasanz bio is anything but ridiculous. There aren’t many people out there who would leave their native country and create a successful career for themselves in an industry as difficult as the martial arts.  Most of these clowns who criticize Calasanz are doing so from their tiny store front schools, basements, garages or apartments and have no clue what it takes to run a large martial arts business and how to keep it running for over 30 years.  Calasanz has dedicated his life to martial arts and you are correct, the proof is in his unique physical and mental abilities and his vision and creativity to do what no others have dared because they want to stay stuck with traditions that no longer work in the modern world.”

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