Why Are These Guys Wearing Shoes???

You Tuber:

Why are they wearing shoes, you can’t condition your feet if you have sneakers on!!!!
Explain why he would let his students wear sneakers


Thank you for your inquiry. The question we would like to ask you is “when was the last time you were barefoot on the streets?” There is a huge difference between kicking with a bare foot and kicking with a constrictive shoe that does not allow you the freedom to position your foot. Many reality based martial arts classes actually wear some type of shoe. Haven’t you noticed the huge market in martial art shoes? This is far more realistic than barefoot fighting which probably made a lot of sense when shoes were in short supply. A competent martial arts instructor can teach a student to adapt to training with shoes. Calasanz has specific “pounding” exercises that involve foot and leg conditioning that is perfectly suited to achieve kicking power.

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