Children, Self-Defense, Blackbelts, and Angry You Tubers

You Tuber:

It’s all right to train in a McDojo and learn Spongebob Karate as long as you know that you can’t use it to defend yourself on the street and as long as you know it’s only for show, for getting healthy, for making friends, for gaining self confidence, for winning tournaments, etc. But then again, one reason anyone trains in martial arts is so he can defend himself. It’s been said “Physician, heal thyself!” In this context, it should be “Martial artist, defend thyself!”

Our Response:

In this video, you are watching only 5 minutes of a child going through endurance and coordination exercises; it does not include the whole test. If he continues training as he grows, his ability to defend himself will also grow. Calasanz has built a name for teaching self-defense over the last 30 years and his students include law enforcement officers who have no time to waste. Realistically speaking however, what is an 8 year old or any child for that matter, going to do “on the street” if an adult is really intent on doing him harm? I don’t care if he’s the re-incarnation of Bruce Lee, if the attacker is a vicious adult, then the child will lose. Remember several years ago, the boy in the news who was kidnapped by his martial arts instructor and sexually molested?? Was he able to defend himself? There is only so much you can do with children given their size, strength and maturity. There are other reasons for sending your child to martial arts classes. Maybe you should contemplate your idiotic comments before you expose your ignorance to the rest of the world.

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