Yes You Tube, Calasanz Can Fight!

You Tuber:

I hope this showman have not a real fight. hope, he has a also a pole for his hand, I think he can not stand alone for a kick. Is this wing tsun, karate or show for himself in a mirror?


In his lifetime, Calasanz has unfortunately had his share of fights. That’s why when he first opened his school; he ended up with mostly street fighters as students. They came in with a stupid attitude, looking for a fight, and left with a membership. As he has matured and grown both as a human being and a martial artist, his philosophy is that the true martial artist does all he could to avoid an altercation. Any idiot can put himself out there as a punching bag. Showmanship is for the purpose of entertaining, which all successful martial artists have to do to a certain degree. True martial artists like Calasanz build schools, teach students how to defend themselves and improve their lives and more importantly teach them to fight without fighting. Grow up.

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