Rumors about Crossing the Line Movie

Rumor posted on You Tube:

I heard a couple of people who trained with him lost their shirts investing in his “movie”. One guy in Greenwich was supposed to have lost 90k.

My Response

You’ve heard incorrectly. There were problems with the movie due to money and materials stolen for the project by insiders who proved to be untrustworthy. While it true that the movie cost close to $1.4 million to produce and a large portion of the funds were borrowed, please note that everyone who invested in the movie was paid back with interest over a two-year period. His attorneys and close business associates advised Calasanz to file for bankruptcy, but instead he chose to do the right thing and pay each investor back. We have all the canceled checks and documentation from our accountant. We are ready, willing and able to go toe-to-toe with anyone who says otherwise and wishes to publicly come forward to discredit Calasanz.

As for the “guy in Greenwich,” we have news for you. You and the rest of society are paying for this man’s irresponsibility. How is that? This man ran up his credit cards, lived the “high life” and arrogantly thumbed his nose at society. When this scoundrel was so deep in the financial hole that he couldn’t stand it any more, he filed for bankruptcy.

Also understand we did not borrow money from this guy he invested voluntarily however; this guy was paid back with interest, the exception of $8,000. Calasanz paid this remaining $8,000 due directly to the Trustee for the Bankruptcy Court in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Once he saddled society with his debt, the “guy in Greenwich” bragged to Calasanz about getting a bunch of new credit cards and how he was so happy to be custom building his brand new dream home. We have the canceled checks made payable to the Trustee for the U.S. District Court and are ready, willing and able to stand by this assertion. So much for the “guy in Greenwich.”

BTW, the movie was an “investment.” Investors take risks and part of that risk is losing everything. These people were lucky enough to have dealt with someone like Calasanz who was not willing to throw them on some bankruptcy schedule to absolve his obligation. Why don’t you identify yourself instead of hiding behind a screen name like a coward? Are you some jealous martial artist teaching out of your basement or garage that has never really made it in the business and has to trash others in order to make yourself feel good?

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