Unique Wing Chun Approaches and “Internal Arts”

You Tuber:

Movements look too segmented to me. but then again, not evyone has had the privelage to study other true chinese boxing styles like tai chi, pa kua, or shing yi. from the feet to the legs to the waist, up the spine and out the fingers. one flow of chi.

My Response:

If you watch 50 videos of various people doing Wing Chun on YouTube you will discover two things. One is that all of them approach their Wooden Dummy training differently with their own individual style. This includes masters and lay practitioners. The second thing that you’ll find is that all of these people have to endure stupid comments by idiots who are not pleased with their unique approach.

You Tuber

I just watched another video with this guy. Although he’s obviosly an accomplished martial artist, and I dont want to take anything away from anyone, he is not performing true chinese boxing. wing chun is an internal art. this guys strength and speed are purely external. This is what happens when an external martial artist incorrectly learns, or has an inability to ‘relearn’ his source of speed and strength. It is difficult.

My Response

Contrary to your inference that Calasanz trained with less than competent instructors, we’d like to inform you that he has indeed trained with some of the most respected masters in the martial arts. What Calasanz has chosen to do however, is to expand his traditional training. Interestingly enough, when Calasanz trained in a tradition Wing Chun school in Chinatown and a rival school showed up to start trouble, his classmates turned to Calasanz to defend the school’s honor. If we have to spell it out, he was the one who did the fighting. The internal martial artists stood on the sideline and watched. Is “guts” an “internal art?”

2 thoughts on “Unique Wing Chun Approaches and “Internal Arts”

  1. Its sad to say that the many that comment on youtube, lack any real understanding of wing chun.

    The issue is that individuals that have limited training and experience lack the knowledge and expertise to comment, especially in circumstances in which that individual has been training less than five years.

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