What’s Style is Calasanz Goju Ryu Karate?

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hey, which goju ryu style is this? i take yosei goju ryu style here in florida, but it’s sort of like the nisei goju ryu style, there’s not that much diffrentation. and i’ve seen this kata before. it was a while back, but when you put it with some speed and emotion, it looks good


Thanks for your positive feedback. Calasanz teaches his own style known as the Calasanz System, so what you’re seeing is a hybrid. It contains influences from Goju Ryu, Wing Chun, Chinese and American Boxing and physical conditioning techniques. Calasanz studied Goju Ryu under Tameyoshi Sakamoto, father of Goju Ryu in the Dominican Republic, back in the 70’s, so the katas are based on the principles that he learned from his teacher as well as his own interpretations.

3 thoughts on “What’s Style is Calasanz Goju Ryu Karate?

  1. I’ve been a student of the Calasanz System for 23 years. I’m now 65 and still have plenty of competitiveness left in the tank.
    What I can tell anyone who asks about Calasanz and his evolved system of Goju and Wing Chun is that it provides a student with multiple skill sets. If one is simply interested in the more basic aspects of self defense, one will find that within the System. If one is interested in a deeper understanding of one’s own innate spirit – as expressed in physical dynamics – that too is available to a serious student.
    Calasanz – more than any instructor I’ve ever known – understands his students’ capacities for advancement. He works with all body types, all age groups, and he pulls from each student a stronger, more secure, better grounded person – no matter the level of immersion that each wishes to pursue.
    Wherever I’ve traveled in the world – all over Asia and the Pac Rim, I’ve brought the System with me. I’ve trained at Fairtex in Thailand – at age 62. While I wouldn’t claim to be able to overcome the national and international champions there, I can tell you that my kicks and punches, my endurance and my general abilities raised many an eyebrow amongst the veteran Thai fighters. Not only did I gain their respect, but I also demonstrated that – even in my 60’s, the training that I’ve received from Calasanz provided a broad range of skills and an ability to execute those skills – even in as divergent a system as Muay Thai is from traditional karate.
    Had I studied Tai Kwon Do or simply limited myself to Shotokan Karate (studied earlier in my career) I’d have had far less ability to stand in the ring with these veteran champion Muay Thai warriors who were mostly less than half my age.

  2. I am maybe the 1st black belt produced from this amazing system. It became a big part of my life thanks to Calasanz. he has taught me so much over the 14 yrs I have spent him. It was my pleasure to represent the school in the many point fighting, kata, breaking, commercials and all the filming and fun we had! I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Being the number 1 student in the school, yes I had some challenges and Calasanz had to punish me with a suspension ! It was short. My Billy Blanks tournament fight at Hunter’s College in Brooklyn…priceless. Thank You Calasanz for teaching and training me something that is a BIG part of my life to this day!

  3. in response who takes yosei goju ryu in florida, i am the senior instructor of yosei goju ryu in miami. i would like to know who your teacher is and where in florida do you train. there is only one yosei goju ryu and it’s home base is in miami florida. please respond.

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