Calasanz Studied Wooden Dummy with Moyat While You Were a Child!

Criticism from a young man, who says he studied with the Moyat family.

You Tuber:

stay vertical! hunching toward the target his chin is dangerously close to the wooden arms. there are many deviations from the old school form here. what is the raspy grunting about?


Thank you for your observations. Calasanz is well aware of the distance between his chin and the wooden dummy arms. Calasanz doesn’t play “patty cake” with the dummy but likes to get a good workout on it, which sometimes means that he may use unconventional movements. As for the “raspy grunting,” it is just a deep exhalation and this is his signature sound, which is nothing earth shattering in the martial arts. We will take your comments under advisement given the fact that while you may have studied with the Moyat Family, Calasanz trained with Moyat in Chinatown back when you were just a child.

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