Some Martial Artists are Like Religious Fanatics

You Tuber:

I have an important perception about this video. It’s a simple thing: this man in this video is very clever and you are very “stupid”. And yes I could learn something from him, but this is yet my business:) By the way the problem is not his own style…the problem is that is not W.C but the name is yes, and this is unfair!!!


Thanks for your comment. Calasanz has taken traditional styles and added his own unique approach. We appreciate your keen eye and understanding that martial arts evolve over time to suit the needs of the populace. As in religion, some martial artists are fundamentalists and cannot imagine that even the martial arts have to change with the times. We also respect you for being adult enough to admit that you could actually learn something from someone else, a great sign of maturity on your part. Best of luck.

Wing Chun

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