KISSS (Keep Self-Defense Simple Stupid)

A lot of people talk about self-defense and end up wasting their time and money with classes or styles that teach them endless techniques that they will never remember in a stressful situation. We focus on building strength, power, coordination and grounding. I don’t care how many self-defense techniques you’ve learned. If you’re weak, nothing will work. We emphasize physical fitness and easy to recall techniques. If you’re not physically fit, then you’re better off buying a handgun and learning how to shoot. Even then you need some coordination to hit your target. We’ve been in the business for a long time and don’t need for anyone to tell us that high kicks are not good in self-defense situations. They’re nice for tournaments and demonstrations. So if this young woman in the video has strong high kicks, her lower ones will be even more deadly. We’ve trained male and female police officers and they keep sending referrals to us. Why? Because our system works. Look at the video again. We work on developing reflexes and good counter attacks so you can cope on the streets. Save the 10,000 self-defense moves for people who want to waste their money.

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