Combining Dance & Aerobics Together for Fitness Buffs or Fighters

You Tuber:

Humm? Totally dangerous ballistic movements. What the Hell was that? I can tell you love yourself.


We fail to see the “ballistic” movements that one of the comments was referring to. What you see here is Calasanz Aerobic Isolation System that has been popular with women since the 80’s. This class is taught at Calasanz dojo, as well as various continuing education programs throughout the area, with great success. Interestingly enough, we get a lot of kickboxing, and dance craze aerobic dropouts from other fitness facilities that have suffered injuries and need a saner form of exercise. Our program suits women of all ages and levels of fitness. We have used similar principles of the Calasanz System to train our fighters. It improves coordination, flexibility, power, balance and reaction time. That is why our system is still popular and we have been in business for over 30 years.

Dance, Aerobics, & Fitness Exercises

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