What is A “Truly Authentic” Internal Art?

Calasanz Wing Chun

Calasanz and Mario

Message from You Tuber:

No doubt the guys a tramendous athalete. I dont mean to take anything away from his endeavors or your training aspirations. My point is the ‘authenticity’ of true internal boxing and its principles. If you truly desire to gain knowledge and learn, I will be happy to direct you to some very good sites. Me and my partner will be setting up a gym very soon. I intend to make some video. I’ll let you know


Thank you for your recent comment. While we appreciate your offer to direct us to “some very good sites,” that will be unnecessary. Calasanz has run a successful martial arts business for over 30 years and frankly, doesn’t need your help. In regard to the “authenticity of true internal boxing,” what makes you think that what you have learned over the years is “truly authentic?” A Chinese Master once told me in private that to really learn the internal arts, you must either have a lot of money to devote yourself to full time study or be totally broke so you can join some temple that will teach you in exchange for your servitude. Both involve a full, lifetime commitment and you will not find this knowledge on a “website.” Calasanz trained with some great internal artists, but when the time came to defend his “internal arts” master’s school from trespassers looking to start trouble, it was Calasanz that had to do the fighting. The ‘internal” artists retreated in the background.

Wing Chun

One thought on “What is A “Truly Authentic” Internal Art?

  1. With all due respect Mr.Calasanz. I find your boasts of having to defend some random and esoteric “internal arts master’s school from trespassers looking to start trouble” and that “it was Calasanz that had to do the fighting. The internal artists retreated in the background.” a bit sensational and outlandish. Much like your biographical passage…

    “One day on the farm, Calasanz was ordered to milk the nastiest cow. She did not want to be milked that day, so she kicked him in the stomach. Calasanz’s reflexes caused him to automatically kick her back and to his surprise, he knocked the cow out cold..”

    Lets be honest here, your martial arts lineage is spotty at best yet you claim to have been learned by this and that master of this and that style yet you only mention “Tamajoshi” Sakamoto by name, and even THEN its mis-spelled, I’ve trained under two great masters, Tadashi Yamashita & Ma Jin Long for over 24 years! I would never mis-spell there names. Meanwhile these other so called “masters” you claim to have learned from/ defended are just mere mentions in some grand self righteous egocentric story about what an amazing martial artist you are.

    In my professional opinion Mr.Calasanz, your ego overshadows your grip on reality. While you ARE physically fit, very flexible, and a great performance artist. You surely not a martial arts master of any kind.

    Sensei Tony Perez.

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