Respect Goes a Long Way

You Tuber:

You know what? Honestly I am deeply sorry and gracefully apologize about the remark i made. I myself am a beginner training in muay thai. We both speak the same language. The language of martial arts. I realize i was out of line for making a blatant disrespectful remark at someone i know nothing about. I should have known better and again apologize. Train hard. Peace, love, serenity.


Thanks for your comment. Sometimes we get excited and so caught up in the moment that we say things we later regret. No one is immune to this behavior; this has happened under our roof many times. It just proves that we’re human. It takes a gentleman to apologize and you have proven to us that you are a man worthy of respect. We have seen your videos and believe you have a lot of talent and a great roundhouse! The martial arts will help you go a long way in life.

Martial Arts Respect

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