This is NOT Goju!

You Tuber:

Sorry, regardless of Mr Calasanz’s background in Gojuryu, once he chooses to stray from the core principles of Goju, it is no longer Goju. If Mr Calasanz wants to have his own system, I have no drama with that, but this IS NOT GOJU…

And yes, I do “know something about martial arts”, having studied Gojuryu myself for over 40 years.

Enjoy your training with Mr C, but understand that it is not Gojuryu; it has morphed into something else entirely.

That in itself doesn’t make it a bad thing, it just isn’t Goju……….!


Thank you for your comments and observations.  Calasanz martial art roots are in traditional Goju Ryu Karate, having trained with Master Sakamoto Tamajoshi for many years in the Dominican Republic.  Calasanz still respects his traditional roots and the terms often end up in the titles of some of these video posts, even if remotely connected.  The Calasanz System evolved over years of teaching and training and tuning in to what the general public is looking for in the martial arts. This system has endured for many years and continues to do so today, as evidenced by the many individuals who have trained with us. Unfortunately in today’s society, there is very little patience for the painstaking work that it takes to devote oneself to a traditional art, as someone with your many years of experience would know. Here in the United States, traditional schools are closing their doors at an alarming rate and surviving as a business involves growing and changing with the demands of the modern student.

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