WTF are Thoes Noises???

These “noises” are exhalations and are common among martial artists, with each person having their own distinct style.  If you’ve ever been to a karate tournament, you would hear the various breathing styles within minutes of walking through the door.  As far as Calasanz weight lifting technique is concerned, you can see by his physique that he is obviously doing something right.  He has been lifting weights for years and has never been injured.  If you are such an expert at weight training, why haven’t you shown the rest of the world the results of your vast weight lifting knowledge?  We are always curious to see how other people train. Or is this a case of those who can do and those who can’t, criticize?

You Tuber:

wtf is up with these noises fuck man :S And he doesnt know how to lift weights correctly

Proper Martial Arts Breathing

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