Calasanz First Hand Circle Club

Calasanz First Hand Circle Club is for those of you who see the martial arts as a path to perfecting yourself both physically and mentally.  This is a special training option offered at Calasanz where he is personally in control of your progress, challenging you to go beyond your greatest expectations with his personal support and guidance.  If you are new to martial arts or a current Calasanz member that wants to take your training to the next level, the Calasanz First Circle Club is the best way to reach your goals.  By training with Calasanz from the start, you avoid corrections and adjustments and progress at a more sophisticated level. 

Members of Calasanz First Circle Club enjoy a variety of benefits including two to seven hours of one-on-one training with Calasanz, lessons scheduled at your convenience, access to the new addition at our Norwalk headquarters for open workouts or quiet meditation, exclusive downloads of techniques, exercises and training tips for working out away from home, a free one-time pass to our special website section for a friend, relative or business associate interested in the Calasanz System, and invitations to participate in Calasanz performances, commercials, talk shows, website articles and videos.  Calasanz First Circle Club is also perfect for those who don’t live near the dojo and want to take advantage of our distance-learning program.

Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness images and videos!

One-on-one personal training

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