Creating The Body You Want

This fully illustrated hardcover book exhibits the basic exercises of the Calasanz System of physical development for men, women and children. It contains Calasanz’s sixteen basic floor and bar exercises for the gradual development of an agile, strong and elegant body. Each stretching exercise incorporates martial arts techniques intended to strengthen and elongate muscles. They stress flexibility, body conditioning and safety. This goal-oriented, ergonomically designed book lies flat on the floor beside you, to guide you step-by-step through each exercise. It features hundreds of sequentially linked photographs, functioning as a visual guide for each routine. “Creating The Body You Want” takes the reader on a brief journey into the history and philosophy of Martial Arts and uncovers ancient oriental wisdom and inspiration. 

The book also comes with a 2 disk DVD which includes a visual demonstration of each exercise by Calasanz himself. 

Creating the Body You Want, the Calasanz workout book

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