Kokoro-Shiro – the Calasanz Children’s Program

A Welcome from Calasanz: I would like to welcome you and your child to Kokoro-Shiro, the Calasanz Children’s Martial Arts Program.  In Japanese, this phrase refers to the heart, soul and spirit of the white belt…the beginner in martial arts.  Once a child steps into our school, he or she becomes a part of a tradition that has been in existence for hundreds of years.  In honoring that tradition, it is our goal to give your child the best martial arts education possible, while making it fun in the process.  I greatly appreciate your interest in the Calasanz System and that you have chosen us to pass on this ancient art to your child. –Calasanz

The Curriculum: Some martial arts schools that offer children’s programs rely heavily on high turnover without concern for the quality of martial arts education being delivered.  Their ads are littered with words promising the attainment of self esteem, self confidence, self discipline through martial arts training.  This is true of any organized children’s activity that is run by competent, caring adults…ballet, little league, music lessons, soccer team etc.  It has always been our philosophy that while children do gain all of the above mentioned benefits by participating in martial art classes, we do not over emphasize character development at the expense of proper instruction.  The primary goal of the Calasanz System is to created a safe, structured environment that is conducive to passing along the martial arts tradition to your child.  While we understand that martial arts training for children should be fun, we will not waste your child’s time with “games” or other meaningless activities.  We strive to develop good, solid skills by focusing on age appropriate conditioning exercises and fundamental basic techniques (kicks, blocks, punches, strikes).  Calasanz has condensed the best movements of karate, kung fu, boxing, kickboxing and Chinese boxing into an exciting children’s program that also includes an educational component, where your child will learn the history of the martial arts and take pride in being part of this tradition. 

The Ranking System: In addition to character development, children benefit from the physical aspect of the martial arts.  Children growing up in a sedentary society driven by the internet, videos and fast foods, need to move, breath, stretch and exercise their muscles. The Calasanz System is designed to develop strength, endurance, balance, coordination and flexibility. Martial arts training also makes children less aggressive because they become aware of their bodies and respect the skills they have learned in class.  They learn to use martial arts as a last resort and then only to defend themselves or a loved one.  Children also learn how to resolve life’s conflicts in creative ways without using their fists.  

The Trial Class: We offer a trial class to any child interested in studying the martial arts with us.  Children have started martial arts training as young as three years of age.  A good barometer of determining whether or not your child is ready for martial arts class depends on his or her ability to follow directions. 

The Uniform: We ask that all children wear the traditional white karate gi along with a belt when in class or at school sponsored events.  Uniforms are available here at the school.

The Schedule: Children’s classes are held Tuesday afternoons from 4:00PM to 5:00PM, and Saturday mornings 10:00AM to 11:00AM.  We welcome parents to watch class, but please refrain from interacting your child during class time. 

The Cost: The average cost of our children’s program is $95.00 per month.  The cost however, may vary depending on the length of the program and the number of family members enrolled.  Family discount options are available.

Kickboxing program

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