After 30 years in the Martial Arts…Calasanz and his system still stand strong and so do his credentials.


With all due respect Mr.Calasanz. I find your boasts of having to defend some random and esoteric “internal arts master’s school from trespassers looking to start trouble” and that “it was Calasanz that had to do the fighting. The internal artists retreated in the background.” a bit sensational and outlandish. Much like your biographical passage…

“One day on the farm, Calasanz was ordered to milk the nastiest cow. She did not want to be milked that day, so she kicked him in the stomach. Calasanz’s reflexes caused him to automatically kick her back and to his surprise, he knocked the cow out cold..”

Lets be honest here, your martial arts lineage is spotty at best yet you claim to have been learned by this and that master of this and that style yet you only mention “Tamajoshi” Sakamoto by name, and even THEN its mis-spelled, I’ve trained under two great masters, Tadashi Yamashita & Ma Jin Long for over 24 years! I would never mis-spell there names. Meanwhile these other so called “masters” you claim to have learned from/ defended are just mere mentions in some grand self righteous egocentric story about what an amazing martial artist you are.

In my professional opinion Mr.Calasanz, your ego overshadows your grip on reality. While you ARE physically fit, very flexible, and a great performance artist. You surely not a martial arts master of any kind.


Sensei Tony Perez


We appreciate your comments but would like an opportunity to respond.  Regarding the scene in the internal martial arts school, Calasanz was there, you were not.  The account is true and is told for the purposes of illustrating to students the importance of balancing hard and soft approaches to martial arts training.

In 1987, Wing Chun instructor Phillip Holder came to Connecticut and began attacking Calasanz Wing Chun credentials much like you are right now. Calasanz brought his Wing Chun master, Moyat to his dojo, proved that he had been his private student and put this issue to rest. 

Now here we go again with challenges to Calasanz karate credentials.  As far as Calasanz “spotty” martial arts lineage, Master Tameyoshi Sakamoto visited Calasanz dojo in October of 2009 and awarded Calasanz his 5th degree black belt in Goju Ryu karate. (See )  What is so “spotty” about this?

Calasanz doesn’t need a “grip on reality” as you so put it.  He has real credentials, a real successful martial arts business, and real students who see the value in his training philosophy.  What he has done differently is to go outside of the traditional arts and incorporate innovative ideas that tend to ruffle the feathers of more conservative martial artists. His approach and those like him in the martial arts world always attract critics.

This is a man who has spent over 30 years in the martial arts, working night and day on his craft.  He may need to check his spelling once in a while; that we will admit. However, make no mistake about his credentials and commitment to his students and his community.  We are glad that you are proud of your spelling abilities and that you have never misspelled your teachers’ names.  We will take that criticism under advisement and admonish our editors to be more careful next time.  As far as your other comments are concerned, we have been dealing with naysayers for a long time and will long after you are out of the picture.  At the end of the day, Calasanz and his system still stand strong and so do his credentials.

Calasanz Martial Arts Images

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