Calasanz has earned his reputation as an instructor

Comment: These are “pointless techniques, that will get you killed in the street”, and you can be sure that those who understand how you are attacked on the street would immediately make sense of what this lady is doing.

Response: Since the mid-80’s, Calasanz has earned his reputation as an instructor, especially with members of law enforcement.  He has taught self-defense to numerous police officers, special agents, state troopers, bodyguards and military personnel.  Men and women from these professions still come to his school. If his techniques were “pointless” and would “get you killed in the street,” his school would have closed a long time ago.  Calasanz has been very innovative with his use of power, speed and flexibility.  His system is focused on counter attacks that work for women.  The woman in this video is one of the strongest he has ever encountered after training in his system.  Her hip and torso power is extraordinary, which make her defensive movements powerful.

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