Economy of motion is best for self defense

Comment: What did Bruce Lee say? If he can’t win a fight in 30 seconds (or some insane short period of time) he might lose the fight. I think what he meant by that is if he hesitated to use his most devastating techniques he may lose. You don’t need a 3-5 minute round to end a fight when you use the right striking techniques (like to the head or eyes, neck and joints) and the fighting spirit to use them.

Response: Thanks for your comment and your observations. We agree 100%. In the mid-1980’s, Calasanz created a name by teaching the simplicity of the “single blow.”  In addition, he taught his students what he calls his “system side kick,” which emphasizes economy of motion and was a successful technique at many tournaments with his competitors. You may want to go to our website and check out “Calasanz: A Lifetime of Lessons,” a free brochure describing some of Calasanz philosophy on this topic. Thanks again for your interest.  Best of luck in your martial arts training!

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