The Real Birth of a System

Calasanz Karate and kung Fu – where body, mind and spirit learn balance, courage, health and harmony.

Martial Arts…the name alone conjure legends. Karate and Kung Fu…Ninjas and White Cranes….Wing Chun and Goju Ryu…age old systems for honing body, mind and spirit into such brilliant harmony that superhuman feats become commonplace. Bruce Lee conquers the dragon… Chuck Norris keeps an entire town in line… Steven Seagal thwarts armies of terrorists… Mr. Myagi teaches the Karate Kid not merely to know how to overcome an opponent, but how to know oneself.

Where does the truth lie amidst these fabulous legends?  And does that truth have something to offer your life? Calasanz, renowned Master of The Calasanz Karate, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Boxing and physical Arts system in Norwalk, Connecticut, believes it can change your life…..

Calasanz Says: “I believe Martial Arts offers something important to everyone on the planet- the chance to be the very best you can be. No matter what age you are…no matter what physical shape you are in… Martial Arts can transform your life.”

Calasanz Karate and Kung Fu Dojo in Norwalk is a revelation. With its high rafters, punching bags, wrestling and MMA mats and regulation size boxing ring, it looks like a place where machismo is the only order of business. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The grunts, slaps and kiais –those powerful sounds Martial Artists use to boost the power of their chi– can be heard coming from a surprising variety of students. Male and female, young and old, and every possible variation in between.

Calasanz Martial Arts & Fitness 1-800-414-9544

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