What is KATA?

Question 1: Calasanz…what is kata?

Calasanz: Kata is an imaginary fight with two, three or even a group of opponents. It is where you demonstrate the effectiveness of an attack followed by a defensive technique and a block followed by an offensive move, but also a kata can be done the other way around, an attack countered by your opponents defense and a block countered by your opponents attack. You usually end a kata with a powerful strike where a loud KIAI is heard  You must remember the old saying of the ancient masters of karate “ without kata there is not Karate

Question 2: Calasanz…do you believe on kata?

Calasanz: Yes. Kata develops concentration of the mind, spirit and physical body and puts them all in harmony with each other. Kata gives the essence of the martial arts, sometimes you go to the Dojo and you can not concentrate, the minute that you start doing kata, you will find peace in yourself, so this is why I find kata very interesting and excellent for anyone to practice . Kata makes you strong, grounded and well balanced.

Calasanz Physical Arts and Fitness

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