The Calasanz System’s approach is designed for everyone.

The Calasanz martial arts and physical arts system are old traditional techniques with a modern Calasanz System approach that are designed for everyone. During the late 80s the Calasanz workout was insane and intense, but also some of the smartest and incredible training ever seen. It would behoove anyone to at least take a look what Calasanz was doing back then which still up to today he continues to evolve. This clip pictures Calasanz archive workouts…check it out.

Joel S. is a 56 year old student performing the Kata Jujitsu with Calasanz. It is very easy to identify the Calasanz System’s interpretation in this Kata – all movements and techniques are performed beautifully, with great strength, rhythm, balance, power.

Calasanz makes students re-think about their lives. Training with Calasanz helps change peoples’ realization of life. As Calasanz likes to say: “I teach people to appreciate themselves again.” Sometimes he will come across a woman, who looks older than her age and or has a problem with weight, and just is unhappy with herself. Calasanz believes with his system he can add at least 10 years to her life, he believes this because he has already done it with so many people. Everyone who has trained with Calasanz gains power, elegance, and grace whether you are a man, women, or child. Come experience it for yourself. The Calasanz system is well balanced system for all, which offers a diversity of exercises so it always maintains your interest. 

Calasanz Martial Arts Personal Training

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