Just focus on a dream & go for it.

You have to set goals & have dreams no matter what the situation, and then you have to say to yourself “I will fulfill those goals & dreams regardless of how hard it is”. This is exactly what Calasanz has done for himself and countless people he has worked with and influenced over the years.

Calasanz has made an impression on many people, those who have studied with him and those who always admire him as a friend and from a far.

The basic concept that he believes is “anyone can do it”. Whatever your dreams are…determination will make them come true. Calasanz dream was unique and therefore the strength of his dream has led him to become a unique and superhuman martial artist. Your dream may be different…….Calasanz will offer you all the components that can make your dream come true. But you must supply the dream and determination to fulfill it.

Calasanz with Kevin M. one of the best natural fighters

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