True Martial Arts mastery is in the spirit… in the mind… in the heart. The true Master teacher- the sensei, the sifu – analyzes each individual’s potential and brings out the best he or she can be.

Simply stated, Chi is the energy that powers life –all life, human, plant, animal, everything in our universe that lives. In Asia, Chi has been recognized and understood for millennia. It’s the basis for both Martial Arts and traditional Chinese medicine. It’s the force that Luke Skywalker accessed in Star Wars, the universal energy field that taps the electromagnetic fields of our earth and our universe. Like radio waves or microwaves, it can’t be seen, but must be judged by the results it produces.

In this segment of the program, Calasanz will demonstrate the Explosive power of chi and how this power can be utilized in breaking, kata, and fighting. For many years, Calasanz has trained like a modern day shaolin monk, developing his chi and his martial arts skill through daily eighteen hour workouts in his dojo. It is Calasanz’s goal to help his students develop this awesome power, without having to engage in the grueling workouts he himself has endured throughout his years of training. To achieve this goal, he has refered his training system to help students access their Chi as quickly and as powerful as possible.

Calasanz – Karate, Kung-Fu, Kickboxing and Physical Arts

507 Westport Ave, Norwalk, CT

1-800-414-9544 / 203-847-6528 /

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