Women Training in the Calasanz System

I always told my sisters that they should never tell a man not to hit them “just because they were women.” I always thought my sisters were stronger than that.  Maybe it was because my father berated women’s strength and portrayed them as defenseless weaklings.  I didn’t believe this. Just watching a woman go through the pain of childbirth was enough to change my attitude. I have taught men and women martial arts over past 30 years and have found that women are tough, spiritually, mentally, and yes, physically, if they are trained properly.

There is a video of me training a young college girl many years ago. As I’m attacking her, I notice that she is not aggressive enough. I have to admit that I was a little rough on her because I knew that she had greater potential. What I did from here was to modify my training system to bring women to the point of strength by using an approach different from training men.

I use a lot of Wing Chun principles when training women because it was created by a woman and is based on power that originates from the core…from the center line, which I believe is a women’s power source. What’s great about this training is that an attacker doesn’t expect a woman to fight back in this manner. That’s why I just love to sit back and watch the women I train surprise their male classmates with their strength and skill. They just don’t expect it! You can see a lot of these women on any of my YOUTUBE videos. They are tough and beautiful!

Calasanz demonstrating the beauty and style of the martial arts.

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