From our Archive footage, we are back with the Cable TV show.

During the course of 3 months we have brought to life the beauty of martial arts. The beauty of a system which gives you the understanding that martial arts can be real and inspirational to you, your family, and your friends but above all to all in the community, yet still can be stylish and beautiful at the same time.

What made these 7 shows that aired on channel 8 is the fact that many received a clear view of martial arts that is not just practiced because you want to know how to kick or punch somebody, but rather is based on your life. Martial arts definitely makes your life better, starting with your job so look for upcoming shows in the future.

We thank you for joining us at the Calasanz Karate, Kung Fu, kickboxing, Boxing & Physical Arts fitness Center. We hope you learn a little, and enjoy a lot. We hope you will stop by to meet Calasanz himself, and learn if this 1500 year old discipline that may be the answer you have been looking for in your life. Whether you’re seeking to expand your warrior skills, your health, your fitness, your ability to defend yourself, your self confidence -or you’re simply hoping to explore the many dimensions of your own being, we welcome you to the shared journey.

Chi is the basic life-force that powers the Martial Arts. Next week, we’ll talk about how a Martial Artist increases his chi in order to fight or defend himself. And yes… you’ll find out exactly how boards get broken and we look forward to sharing these secrets with you.

Remember, as the ancient Chinese sages tell us, the journey of a 1000 Miles begins with a single step. To take that step, call 203-847-6528 today and speak with Calasanz.

Fairfield County online article.

Calasanz: the early years.

Chris at Calasanz Martial Arts on Facebook.

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