“I’d like to offer you the chance to transform your body and your life.” Part 4: Martial Arts for Everyone

 But these professional level students were not the only ones who sought out the Calasanz System.  Convinced that every single motivated man and woman could benefit from his System, Calasanz began to teach a wide variety of students.  Women learned self-defense… children learned discipline and self-esteem… the infirm and the elderly were helped to expand their physical potentials…men and women of every age, had a chance to re-design the look and fitness of their bodies.  “I teach Martial Arts for life,” Calasanz says with a smile, “I want everyone to benefit from all that I’ve learned about the body and its amazing ability to be transformed.”

For 27 years, Calasanz has lived a life as highly disciplined as that of a monk at the Shaolin Temple, training and teaching 18 to 20 hours a day.  “My system is simple, but unique,” he explains.  “It is meant to empower everyone.  Most of the world cannot spend 20 years studying traditional Martial Arts in the old way.  I have created a very personal new system in which Goju Ryu and Wing Chun are the basis for power, grounding, speed, balance and focus.  With my guidance, these techniques are accelerated, so that proficiency comes fast… excitement builds… burnout doesn’t happen… and a person can transform himself or herself in record time.”

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness: 800.414.9544 – www.calasanz.com

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