Soft and Hard Techniques in the Martial Arts: by Calasanz

I chose to master the style of Goju Ryu, mostly because of its’ beautiful techniques and ancient while modern at the same time application of distinguished, overlaying soft and hard techniques. For both combat and health, Goju Ryu requires the body to achieve a state of physical and mental balance based on the distinction between hard and soft, fast and slow, heavy and light, erect and angled – in short, Yin and Yang, a subtle yet strong distinction between these extremes is what creates enormous power.

The mind learns a logical use of self-consciousness and feelings for your inner self. It creates a real understanding inside and outside your own physical body with the universe.

The science behind this power is quite simply – the ability to produce flexible, fluid, constant power by way of training the body to issue a sureness of movement in a variety of cadences, angles, and speeds. And it is through practicing forms that are difficult to master, but highly practical, that eventually high skill is achieved.

Mastering forms on daily basis develops the explosive power of flexible strength. It is best revealed when the body achieves a relaxed, controlled, and natural ability to move efficiently between the forces of soft and hard – Yin and Yang.

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Calasanz Martial Arts / wing chun demonstration

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