Staying True to Yourself in the Martial Arts and in Life: By Jeff Prescott

Staying true to yourself. I have heard this phase many times over the years of my life. However, very few people actually achieve this. Over the past 13 years I have trained in the Calasanz System, and have not encountered someone who embodies this phase more than Calasanz himself. While many martial arts schools come and go, Calasanz has strongly endured for over 30 years because of his unwavering passion and devotion for the martial arts, and his own personal vision for the development of the Calasanz System. Calasanz has achieved his level with hard work (training and working 24/7 around the clock) and has never accepted short cuts or taking the easy way out as far as his training or business. Calasanz has received multiple offers where he could have just closed shop and taken off. For example, Ron Howard wanted to use Calasanz in a movie directed by Jean Claude Van Damme, But Calasanz was determine to fulfill his dream to make his Own movie “Crossing the Line” on his own terms. In the early 90’s, against great odds, Calasanz achieved his dream and the film premiered on the east coast and his home land of theDominican Republic. Many people have goals and dreams, but few actually achieve them on the highest level, staying true to yourself is how Calasanz achieves his goals and dreams, and will continue to do so.

 Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave.Norwalk,CT06851


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