The Calasanz System is effective because it is geared to helping students integrate mind, body and spirit.  Calasanz has noticed many students change not only physically but also mentally.  One of the important aspects of the Calasanz System is requiring students to teach.  Teaching not only helps the student develop his skill, but also helps him develop patience and the ability to think on his feet.  This is an important skill of a martial artist because he must be able to react very quickly to variety of situations.

It is very exciting to Calasanz to watch his students improve their martial arts skills. With proper training, students who have trained for a period of three months are performing techniques that are usually executed by professional martial artist. One of Calasanz goals for new students is to teach them how to train their bodies.  This requires students to discipline themselves. Calasanz constantly reminds students that their bodies may want to do one thing while their minds are going in another direction.  Integrating the two requires patience and a commitment by the student .Recently, Calasanz was coaching a student who had been training with him for three months. As he started going through drills with him, Calasanz could not believe how far this student had advanced in his training. The drills required the student to evade certain attacks by moving his body in different directions. Because of the student’s persistence and serious attitude toward training, he was very quick, flexible, and powerful in his movements. This is what the Calasanz System is all about.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave.Norwalk,CT06851


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