SKILL – Integrating mind, body and spirit

Calasanz experience in the martial arts has been an important tool for him as an instructor. His study of various forms of fighting arts has taught him how to integrate mind, body and spirit. As an instructor, his goal is to help his students achieve this integration. Many of Calasanz students lead very hectic lifestyles. Whether it is balancing the demands of work, school and family, students are looking for an outlet to release stress. The Calasanz System is designed to help students achieve the inner peace they are seeking. At the beginning stage of training, Calasanz believes that the student must start slowly. The body must become accustomed to a training schedule. The problem with some students is that they are impatient and want instant results. These students will come to class seven days a week and train for over one hour per session. If the student over trains, not only will his body become sore and overtired, but in his mind, he will also become frustrated and discouraged. Students who are training too much can also find themselves suffering from injuries because the body cannot adjust as quickly as the student wants.. Some of them even have been so embarrassed that they never came back.  If students train slowly and increase their training intensity when they are physically able, they are more likely to stick with their training on a long term basis.

The integration of mind, body and spirit does not come with throwing yourself into grueling training sessions, but develops over time as the student patiently makes his way through his chosen martial art.  As a student progresses in his martial arts studies, the movements become more complex.  This requires the student to reach deeper in himself in order to master a new level. Each level requires more patience and more looking into oneself for the strength to reach the next goal.  Over the years, a student develops the martial arts maturity and instead of seeing a kick or punch, they now see a way of life. They become more patient in their work and home environment, they become more confident and they also develop the perseverance to achieve their goals in life. When a student has reached this level, the integration has already started to take place.

Calasanz approach to martial arts training is to let students progress at their own pace.  An instructor who is too aggressive may find that students either get frustrated and fail to make any progress or give up training all together. The Calasanz System is tailored to the particular needs of the student under Calasanz supervision. Students progress to the next level when they are physically and mentally able to do so.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave.Norwalk,CT06851


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