I Am Just Teaching What I Love

Calasanz has a skill in which he is capable of seeing, judging, and understanding the potential of any student at any moment. I was teaching a guy who had the physique of a Marine; strong, aggressive, young, and intelligent. He looked like the type of person that an agent would promote in the modeling industry. Calasanz was judging his toughness and aggressiveness. Then I thought about the early 80’s, when our name was very strong and everyone had tremendous respect for Calasanz’s system. Calasanz would take a student, like the one previously mentioned, and in three months that pupil could easily fight in a black belt tournament like Kyoko Shin Kai. It is hard for us to talk about the name, but Calasanz deserved the popularity back then and even today. Calasanz has a good work ethic and he is still an instructor who uses his mind and coaches 50-70 students each day with the mitts from 4 a.m. to 11 p.m.

You must understand that most of these students were not competitors, but they could beat anyone with Calasanz as their trainer and this is how the name was created. From 1986 until 2003-2004, at least two students per week from all over from all over the Northeast, including New York City, New Jersey, Boston, Hartford, Connecticut and many other areas came to meet Calasanz.

Calasanz often recruited tough guys from the streets. I trained people known as street fighters, bouncers, and boxers.  Most of these new students would participate in one tournament or two and they never could lose. With every tournament they entered, they performed well and left a message and thus, good promotion for the name Calasanz.  Some of these tournaments were the most difficult in those days including the Kyoko Shin Kai, the New England Open, and the Henry Cho at Madison Square Garden. At one point my students were not training at all but instead they were doing practical training which was sometimes better than sparring. In just two weeks we decided to send 12 of our students to fight in the Olympic trials.  All my guys ended up fighting each other and some of them had to face each other for the gold medal. 

At one point there was a school where the toughest fighters were coming from, especially those fighting in the Olympics. Later on these fighters found out that all the fighting and all the winning was due to them having trained with Calasanz.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave.Norwalk,CT06851






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