A Conversation about Basic Hard Striking Techniques

Below is a online conversation between Calasanz and two students discussing the YouTube video “BASIC HARD STRIKING TECHNIQUES” (shown above). The video clip shows Calasanz demonstrating how to effectively block a strong right hand from an opponent and counterpunch off that block with a powerful right hand of your own.

Calasanz: Dariusz, my experience with this is much better now, I have matured more, and now I can do this even faster. One day you should pass by and I will give you a demonstration of this video. You will love it. Even if you are in Norwalk one day, just come and say “hi” and I will talk to you for five minutes. It will be enough to improve your defense on the street. And don’t forget, if you are ever in trouble on the street, try to win the fight without fighting and that makes you not just a better person, but above all, a more skillful individual in the martial arts.

Dariusz K: I support what I believe. You showed me how to improve that power punch and I remember the feeling when the heavy bag sounded much better after only one minute of the instruction you gave me. Good stuff. Thanks.

Christopher C: See also how his feet are positioned after the strike which enables him to block right away!

Dariusz K: Watch Calasanz footwork while power punching. That makes all the difference in the world. Try it on the heavy bag next time to see instant improvement.

Calasanz: Dariusz, thanks for your observation. If you are ever around, pass by and we will elaborate even more on this. Thanks again for your comments.

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