I cannot understand it: by Calasanz

My system was created and modified with the purpose of helping women, often considered the weaker gender, to understand survival. I strongly believe that women consider themselves the weaker sex which it is not true. I would advise any female to read up on wing chun, why the style was created, and what the creator was capable of understanding. Women can carry a baby for nine months and man cannot; if that is not the definition of strength, I do not know what is. Strength or even the flipside of people considering themselves weak is not just related to women but applies to anyone who should ever happen to be in a situation when life or death are the only two outcomes.

I would love it if my life would have been a little more simpler, I spend time watching crime dramas and I cannot understand why someone can just let other person hurt them. I really believe that people should avoid being hurt or even killed in cold blood, or they should avoid being injured or murdered because they either get scared or refuse to take action to prevent it. I told my sister, “Die fighting.” Never let a man cause you harm because you are a woman, fight back, don’t let anyone hurt you, yes still you can be smart and not over do it. Understand that anyone is vulnerable when they believe that the person will not fight back.

I cannot comprehend how 85 people can die by watching somebody shooting at them and the men just decided to jump in the river to escape by swimming for their lives. How could something like this happen? 85 people dead at the hand of one individual, something is wrong with those that chose to run away. Why couldn’t five or 10 guys risk their lives and rush this guy? They could have overtaken this man and ended it early with not as many casualties. I am completely angry that something like this actually happened.

Survival is something we should all know, it should be a human instinct so fight back when we are in danger of any kind. Women, children, or anyone, do not let things like that happen, fight back, don’t let someone come and bully you or make you a victim. Again, look for the right moment, don’t rush but don’t die without a fight, make your life mean something. Life is too beautiful, planet Earth is too beautiful, stay here as long as you can.

 Beauty and reality of a martial arts system.

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2 thoughts on “I cannot understand it: by Calasanz

  1. I see you’re still clueless, ‘master’ Calasanz. I find it reprehensible that you would post such tripe. Ah yes, in the Calasanz system, they teach you to catch bullets in your teeth, be impervious to all sorts of pain.

    You’re a clown- a big fuzzy-haired clown with some physical talent. Perhaps you should have spent some more time ‘studying’ and less time pumping the ‘fro. You know little about real violence, real physical assaults or what really happened on Utaya. You also also deride those who chose escape as being cowards. A real man, in your eyes, would stand and fight. Really? Newsflash – check out the little thing called an acute stress response.


    It’s human nature. Don’t care who you are. Would your ‘advice’ have been any different if he had been driving a car in a busy park??? I think you’ve seen one too many TV shows. Running away does not make you a pussy. It makes you not willing to die in vain. Some will have hidden, some will have run, some will have tried to swim. Others would be frozen in panic and get shot. In battle, troops retreat when they realize there is no hope of victory. In your view, should they charge into battle, guns blazing and die senselessly against a well-armed opponent because it is the better way to go? If that retreating or fleeing is cowardice, then I’d take being a coward over your “way”

    You also contradict yourself:
    – Why couldn’t five or 10 guys risk their lives and rush this guy?
    – look for the right moment, don’t rush but don’t die without a fight, make your life mean something.

    So, which is it? Rush, but don’t rush. Wait, but act. Running for a bullet is not dying without a fight. It is just dying… and adding to a body count. Foolish advice. Stupid words, typed by someone full of false bravado and machismo. Talk to any law enforcement agency: the advice they would give to someone in this situation is this – take cover. Contact police/authorities. Don’t be a hero.

    You mean to say that the live of the survivors are all meaningless because of one moment in time where they reacted out of fear? Sorry dude, I don’t buy it. An off-duty police officer was there. Someone who had training. He died. Shot by Breivik.And if you have ever done any research on those who have been living witnesses to attacks like this (or Columbine, etc,), you would know that people who survive these types of encounters risk developing PTSD, which normally comes with a heaping helping of survivor’s guilt. This, my little tanned friend, is a fate worse than death.

    Might I suggest that instead of flapping your gums online, take your style to the street- and not in a cheezy movie that you bankroll – and serve and protect WITH NO PERSONAL GAIN AS TO PROFIT VIA THE “CALASANZ SYSTEM.” What, sorry, what was that? You’d rather make money off of people who do not know any better and follow your McDojo ways like lambs to slaughter?

    I am offended by every single word on this page. It is your opinion and you are entitled to it, But to mock and scorn the people who survived this encounter is an insult. You do so with few facts, likely those picked up from Fox news, and again with no real world support. What you do display here is shameless (yet shameful) and reprehensible self-aggrandizing. You, in a very covert yet obvious way, use your art as the one true thing that may have saved everyone or almost everyone: do what I say you should do, what MY art will teach you. The words are easy for you to type, but let’s wait until it walks into your world, then you can show us how tough you really are. Ass clown.

    In fact, I dare you to post this. Let’s see how much of a hero you are to bold criticism.

    – JTH

  2. But the trouble is, who wants to be the one to sacrifice their life to take him out? He might only have one more bullet. He might be killing specific people. The optimist mentality, as best exhibited at the concentration camps in WW2 is not as straight forward as saying, “Well, if he’s going to kill us all, we might as well rush him.”

    Didn’t a couple of kids do that at Columbine? And they’re now dead kids…

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