ONLY THE STRONG: by Calasanz

Frank Dux visited Calasanz Physical Arts in 1990 and said that Calasanz was the most qualified school for a seminar based on grounding techniques.  I know that many people have criticized Frank Dux, but primarily because of the movie “Bloodsport.” I knew that it was just a story since day one, but I would never say that Frank Dux was not a good fighter and martial artist. He was and still is. However, Frank Dux (who was making a fortune in my school in Connecticut holding seminars every three months) seemingly had something to do with sabotaging my part in the movie “Only the Strong,” .

I was noticed immediately during the audition of “Only the Strong.” The director and producer stopped what they were doing and started recording me with a real interest. At the end of the audition, they said they wanted me in this movie from beginning to end. I was sent home to start training for this role, but I got a call from Frank Dux saying, “You don’t have to travel to the set in Miami yet, you are in the movie.” It was like saying, “You don’t have to rehearse.” By the time I got on a plane to Miami, the movie was almost finished. Luckily, the producer and director told me I would still be in the movie towards the end.

Just to fly to Miami took a lot on my part since I am terrified of being up there. Many Hollywood stars like Jean-Claude Van Damme, Daniel Bernhardt, and Canal Kritza even came to Connecticut just to audition with me. The filmmakers wanted to bring me to California for the shoot but I did not go and agreed on Miami instead.

Director Sheldon Lettich and martial artist/actor Paco Prieto spent a lot of time trying to convince Mark Dacascos to fight without a shirt. No one could convince Mark to do this. At this time, my body was probably better than Bruce Lee’s. Even though I was emulating Bruce, I was creating my own image and breathing techniques that not too many martial artists could use.

I will never forget how embarrassed I was when I realized that I lost most of my part on this movie just because of Frank Dux. Especially since The Norwalk Hour printed a nice story about me being a part of this film. Three years after I got to this country I had a television show that played nationally. In 1987, Hollywood came calling, including Ron Howard, who was being taught by Ali. He saw video if me in action and enjoyed it. Ron Howard called twice, and gave me advice and addresses of where to go to get further in Hollywood.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave.Norwalk,CT06851


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