Since I have gone back to one-on-one personal training, which is what I did for 28 years, my entire concept here is to get people more involved in their own bodies and to make them understand anatomy.

In martial arts and fitness there is something called “BUNKAI,” which is part of understanding not just what you do, but being able to see it from the inside out. That is why during the past six months, anyone who trains here with Jeff, Louis, Adam, or Alex, Calasanz will spend at least a half hour per month with them. Here we apply Bunkai, which is the understanding and analysis, not just of the techniques, but the human anatomy which will immediately give the student more understanding of what they are doing and what they could do to improve. As a result of Bunkai, their training will become easier and more effective. Calasanz bases these skills off of science training, which is the same as saying this is “SATORO,” meaning I understand it better now, but you are conscious that you understand it.

Imagine how many intelligent, educated people train or study martial arts. One thing that is missing in them is that some are not aware of their own physical body which is one of the skill Calasanz studied but he was also born with a gift that makes him a great instructor. Calasanz is not gifted in Karate or Kung Fu, but he is aware of the inside out of fitness and that has allowed him to put together thousands, even millions of techniques and exercises called Physical Arts.

If you go to YouTube, type in keywords like “Gorgeous Women Calasanz,” “Karate & Kung Fu Calasanz,” “Aerobic Fitness Calasanz,” “Super Power Commercials Calasanz,” “Movie Trailer Calasanz,” “Children and Kids Calasanz,” you will see what I am talking about.

Today Calasanz is applying science training, anatomy, and the overall understanding of one’s body to one-on-one training to get you results. This process immediately gives the individual another way of knowing themselves their own body inside and out.

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Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave.Norwalk,CT06851






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