Are you an individual that wants to become more competitive in athletics? by Calasanz

Are you trying to make the travel team instead of the rec. team? Possibly, you’re trying to be selected to the Varsity team instead of the J. V. team. College hockey may be your dream or maybe you just want to beat the Canadians when your team competes in Canada.

My system of training and exercise creates total body conditioning for any sport. It is a unique and simplistic system anyone can learn. We start with flexibility, stretching, and light weight exercises. We improve all athletic skills by teaching fully coordinated body movements. We teach an individual how to train aggressively yet intelligently. After the fundamentals are understood, we make your techniques sport specific for hockey.

The benefits of my system yields explosive leg power, improves stride length, and increases leg speed…as forearm and shoulder strength improves, as you will stick handling, soft hands, and wrist shot techniques improve. My system of hip movements will enhance your checking, slap shot, and taking skills. We will increase your hip flexion and hip extension strength. With years of training in my system, your peripheral vision will improve dramatically. Your foot speed, hand speed, concentration, and hand-eye coordination will all get noticeably better. We even teach breathing techniques to help you relax between shifts. The balance techniques we teach are unique to our system and are very, very effective

We utilize different exercises for male and female athletes. Our techniques for women maintain femininity yet increase strength and endurance beyond comparison. We incorporate plyometric exercises to improve and complement speed techniques. We work hard to build a strong foundation, so that when you begin lifting heavier weights to excel in Midget, Junior, or College hockey, you have developed total body strength and excellent flexibility, through our system of training.

We give you the mental strength to accept challenges you normally wouldn’t accept. We develop the physical strengths and confidence to accomplish those challenges. We use positive motivation techniques to help individuals achieve their desired results.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave.Norwalk,CT06851


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