Understanding the Martial Arts: Beauty, Power, Style, Balance and Reality

Calasanz was born with a gift to understand martial arts because he was able to see the beauty, power, style, balance and reality of it at early years of his life. Above all else, Calasanz had the understanding that martial arts should not be primarily used for fighting purposes but as a way of life or around your life, especially when you follow its principles. Having a strong core, possessing good chi, and at the same time, the feeling of being yourself, are all possible with a martial arts background.

His system’s popularity started immediately when Calasanz began to demonstrate the reality of the martial arts, following his hero Bruce Lee. Mainly what made him recognized in a very short period of time was the beauty and style that he was able to bring to the public.  Calasanz also built his name by training students to be fighters without having to be competitors.

People who train at Calasanz do so because they want to learn something that they can take home. Bruce Lee Said “I came to this world of martial arts to prove that an old tradition can be changed. Calasanz believes that you can add to an old tradition but you never can change it. If you strive to be more, if you want to be more successful than what you are, then you should train in martial arts.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave, Norwalk CT06851






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