Commentary on a Compliment from Anish on FaceBook

Comment: u are a best martial arts trainer!! Anish J.

Response: Thank you for your compliment, Anish. What I originally wanted was a great scholastic career, and I earned over 25 certifications by learning languages like English, French, Italian, etc. Then I saw the movie “Enter the Dragon,” starring Bruce Lee and that was when I decided it was all I wanted to do. I came to this country with one dream, and that was to make a movie. I achieved that goal and that film is titled “Crossing the Line.”  I was born to teach, I am sure that you have seen some of my videos.  

Anish, one of my main goals is to help students of the martial arts, who are already martial artists or teachers. It is good to know that these skills allow me to help anyone, no matter how advanced they are. I can improve what talents they already possess. My philosophy is based on you keeping your cup full of the knowledge that you have already, together, we will fill it up with more knowledge.  -Calasanz

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave,NorwalkCT06851


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