Teaching the right technique, no matter what the critics say.

Calasanz came to this country with a dream after he found out not that he was just a talented martial artist, but that he was born with this gift. During the mid 80’s Calasanz created a strong name in law enforcement by teaching police officers, security personnel, special agents, and state troopers. He taught them how to properly defend themselves and it only took one hour with Calasanz to achieve this. 

His fighting style involved counter attacks and what worked on the streets, especially for women. Martial arts is a religion that people want to believe in, here is a link of this lady who is one of the strongest people you could ever meet, with hips, torso, and pelvic strength that many do not possess.

Check out this video (above), some of the comments you read are from people that do not understand these methods. Comments like, “These are pointless techniques, that will get you killed in the street,” are examples of what you will read but those that know these tactics understand that these techniques are applicable to a real life situation. This person that made those comments believe there are no “bad students,” just “bad teachers,” and that “this technique will get you killed in the streets.”

Anyone that has met Calasanz knows that he does things that not many people can do. When it comes to power, speed, flexibility, the beauty of martial arts, he does movements where others would have a hard time understanding them, all related to expressing yourself. If Bruce Lee were alive, he would have been one of those skillful martial artists that wanted to meet Calasanz.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave,NorwalkCT06851






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