The Philosophy Behind Our System

The Calasanz System provides a diverse way to take your body, mind, and spirit through a range of experiences that forge your existence through a delicate blend of rigor and nurturing. Creating a person that is strong, healthy, calm, confidant, clear, humble, and in complete harmony with the universe around it. There is a magic to the study of martial arts. Legendary images and stories of tapping into ancient secrets of being able to achieve superhuman feats made possible by harnessing chi, the life-force of the universe. The stories are true, and that Calasanz has created a way to use them to empower your life. Start your training at Calasanz by calling him at (203)-847-6528, by  visiting the dojo at 507 Westport Avenue, in Norwalk, Connecticut, or by checking out the website at and come on by for a free trial class.

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave, Norwalk CT 06851


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