Georgia Girl, 7, Escapes Abductor: You can avoid becoming a victim too!

Many others could potentially do the same as what this brave, seven year old girl did by escaping her would-be kidnapper. If you can remember the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy who murdered many young women, one of his smallest and tiniest victims ended up surviving because she fought back. The number one self defense technique depends on your own aggression. This little girl was on her own for a brief time in Walmart. During this attack, she defended herself by striking her assailant. Be aggressive and learn how to strike if you want to survive, do not attempt to learn how to twist someone’s arm until you become aggressive, balanced, powerful, and grounded. Many people could learn a thing or two from this young girl who was smart enough to know when she was in danger and had the presence of mind to know when to show her fighting spirit.

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