Simple real life self defense: by Calasanz

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Calasanz teaches simple, yet effective techniques that can be applied to real life situations making it the perfect system for military personnel, law enforcement officers, women, and children.

Someone in the military or on the police force can easily catch on and use the Calasanz System in conjunction with the maneuvers they learn in basic training or the academy, our system will assist them in hand-to-hand combat by using strong, effective strikes that will quickly end a dangerous situation.  

Children can also benefit from the system, like Robert who was brought in by his father Keith Bedel (a Marine) who was also a Calasanz student. Robert was asked, “Do you know how to make a fist?” The kid made a good, tight fist but he was taught by Calasanz to NOT attack the kids that bullied him, but rather to take a deep breath and put fear into the bully by throwing a punch that ends up one inch from their head. Calasanz tells “his kids” they are never allowed to strike anyone, only to give constructive lessons to bullies so if a bully strikes you, just block everything he throws at you, this will deter your attacker. Charles and Patty Mastellone of Ridgefield brought their two children, Charles and Chris to Calasanz because of bullying, because they followed the rules Calasanz set forth and his way to deal with bullies, their bully problem ended after two weeks of training.

Calasanz prefers to teach in a way that no one gets severely injured, even when his students take a punch they do not get knocked down due to basic, fundamental techniques taught to students from day one. Those basic techniques are reflected in physical arts which were primarily used by women until more men started using those exercises in the year 2000. At Calasanz we compare physical arts to Wing Chun because Wing Chun was created by a woman for women and now men use the ancient Chinese martial art just like they use physical arts and both are practiced around the world. Physical arts became a different way to practice martial arts techniques without having to fight, so much so that the women that trained with Calasanz in the 90s were so talented they could hurt anyone, men included. Two instances that stand out were Tom Barcello finding out how strong Rebecca James Lyon was one day, and Peter Valis with a minor injury after Dolly kicked him. Even Calasanz knew if Rebecca attacked him the way she did Tom, even he would have felt what Tom felt if he did not defend her attack aggressively.     

Calasanz Martial Arts and Fitness

507 Westport Ave,Norwalk CT06851


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